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About Us

DHL Bharat was founded in 2010 with a vision to integrate web designing & development at one place where start-ups & established organizations can seek solutions and strategies to build online presence & success. Company’s mission is to deliver the highest quality performance-based services.

Our slogan "One Goal, One Passion : IT ", as we believe in 100% customer satisfaction, and we live IT.
Santosh Kumar Singh

COmpany Overview


Our History

We share a passion for information technology and look to give something back to the industry and community. Founded in 2010, DHL Bharat has many locations in the India, viz Bhopal, Nagpur, Raipur and is headquartered in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

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Our Policy

The great difference for us is the transparency as well as the personal relationship and to experience the positive difference in both speed and quality of responsiveness.Our ‘hands-on’ approach to every task, regardless of size, has made us implementing and managing our IT systems an enjoyable and seamless process.


Our Passion

DHL’s centre of interest is built upon providing innovative, unconflicted strategic advice to a diverse client base. We assist our clients in achieving their strategic goals by offering comprehensive, globally integrated IT services across all major industry sectors.


Our Operations

The IT services provided is dependable, consistent, solution oriented and customized to the specific needs. The customer service is unparalleled and the keen eye for detail is constant. An IT support company who would talk to their clients in language they could understand and help them to think through ways that technology could protect and support the business and provide a cheerful and professional service.



The Name itself describe our dedication towards the work. We customize your needs, 100% customer satisfaction is the biggest thing we can get from our clients.



Dr.Santosh Singh (born 8 June 1973 ) is an Indian businessman, philanthropist and Chairman of DHL Infrabulls international pvt. Lmt. ,Man Ki Yatra and DHL Bharat Worldwide technologies a Indore based global business conglomerate from April 2010 to till now. He is a recipient of 5 Awards .He is a alumnus of the prestigious Nagpur Universty .He is a passionate traveler.


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“Not to loose the sight of the forest for the tress”
Vibha is critically involved in driving operations and infrastructure development across the business units of DHLBHARAT. Prior to joining DHLBHARAT she worked with several companies and gained hands on experience by managing several projects. Vibha specialises in building strong teams and optimizing, IT staffing and sales operations to maximize customer satisfaction and business profitability.



DHLBHARAT worldwide technologies is committed in securing and preserving the privacy and integrity of its clients and their database. We understand and believe that data is of critical importance to our customer's success and growth of their business.



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