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It is important to have one unique domain name to be registered for your business or organization. It not only gives you the edge over your competitors, but also gives your online presence the prominent identity it requires. We will be glad to help you with domain name registration in India .

Register a domain name for your personal or business website and have your unique web address allocated in the ever-expanding global internet network. Simply think of a name that will best convey to your visitors the idea of your website and choose its best matching domain extension from our big variety of TLDs offered! If you already own a registered domain name, simply transfer it to us or host it as an existing domain.

Domain Name Extention With Pricing, Please send a enquiry

Domain Name New Registration Renewals Transfers
.com Rs.670 Rs.700 Rs.700
.in Rs.350 Rs.600 Rs.600 Rs.350 Rs.490 Rs.490
.org Rs.400 Rs.700 Rs.700
.net Rs.650 Rs.700 Rs.700
.biz Rs.350 Rs.720 Rs.720
.info Rs.670 Rs.700 Rs.700 Rs.510 Rs.510 Rs.510 Rs.510 Rs.510 Rs.510
.tv Rs.1,820 Rs.1,820 N/A Rs.510 Rs.510 Rs.510 Rs.510 Rs.510 Rs.510
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