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World Class Dedicated Approach

We suggest and implement most suitable and robust solution to our client. 

A Dedicated ERP Implementation Approach

DHLBHARAT is dedicated to integrate your ideas and knowledge with foremost business practices. We offer a broad spectrum of unique ERP solutions based on the framework of ERP -SAP ECC & B1, Microsoft Navision, NetSuite, Odoo, ERPNext. Our team of experts have specialization in ERP development, Customization, Implementation and Maintenance & Support. We follow widely accepted and proven solutions to provide services that help to smooth ERP implementation.

Cloud ERP:

Cloud based ERP solutions provides easy access of real time data from anywhere in the world. It helps to modernize business management processes with its flexible cloud-based tools. Our cloud based ERP implementation are flexible, intuitive and portable cloud-based tools designed to maximize efficiency. 

On-premises ERP:

In-premise ERP is installed on in-house servers that give clients full control over its security. With on-premise ERP solutions, you control everything, including the security measures used to physically access control. DHLBHART on-premise deployment solutions robust your customization option with its highly flexible and scalable on-premise applications. Our on-premise applications help customers manage business complexities by offering business ease features such as;

  -Full Control over security 

  -Depending upon setup, 

  -easily accessible without an Internet Connection

- -Heavily Customization according to business needs

  -Typically, lower long-term cost


Odoo CMS - a big picture

Our ERP Services

Our Consultative approach with cross Industry Knowledge.



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Training & Coaching


Configuration of modules


Migration of versions


Data Importation Assistance


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Module Customization-Forms, Reports and Workflow


Custom Module Development


Why you adopt an ERP Solutions?

Industry 4.0 Ready

A complete paperless option

Many companies have determined and taken steps to go paperless. It’s a fact that papers are more of a havoc piling on desks and stacked in drawers. The practice of using least number of papers as much as possible makes a business’ data entry structure more efficient. Many companies have eliminated paperwork by implementing an automated ERP solution.

Increased Productivity

Disparate business processes can be integrated through ERP that makes the data error free and more efficient. It ensures coherence and avoids discontinuity and duplication. That saves time and increases productivity.

Improved accuracy

Resource planning is a tedious job. In an enterprise, there are several mundane tasks that can otherwise be avoided being performed manually by automation. There’s no room for, “it’s ok to make mistakes!” Data entry has to be accurate and error-free. Automation reduces errors and makes the processes faster.

Cost efficient

That’s the best part! Paying for the right ERP system is actually an investment on a paperless document management system. You don’t have to employ many staffs for different data entries and you will be able to avoid expense on data correction as an automated system will be less prone to errors.

Real-time reports of processes

Instead of searching through hundreds of cabinets for a particular document or looking for the concerned person for approval of an invoice within a deadline, a solution that automatically manages the documents and can direct you to the approval channel that sets it right in just few minutes is the magic that an automated ERP does. Reports generated will be quality and of boardroom standards. This will be of great help in analyzing the business process in an organized and efficient manner.

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