Consultancy Services

Technology consulting services to take your organization to the next level.

Our portfolio provides us with the breadth and scope of tools, frameworks, methodologies, techniques, and practices to ensure Successful Implementation

Support Service for ERP Solution


Functional Support

One time setup & unlimited bug fix and support over email 

  • 1. Configuration Support,

  • 2. Operation Support and

  • 3. Bug-Fix Support

Server Support

Remote server setup and monitoring with managed upgrade, scalability and crash recovery services. 

  • 1. Server Deployment

  • 2. Set up Master Salve

  • 3. Upgrade Support

  • 4. Major Support

  • 5. Bench Manager

  • 6. Scaling Support

  • 7. Security notification

  • 8. Server Migration Crash Recovery

  • 9.Server Audit

Development Support 

Remote support over email and chat by core ABVP, .NET, Python, and Frappe  Developers.

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