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Web Maintenance

Maintenance of your website or ecommerce store ensures that your business runs in top condition round the year.

Keep your website as professional

No matter what kind money you’ve spent on making your site attractive, user-friendly, and responsive; if you fail to maintain it, after a while it will stop working for you as efficiently as it did a year or two ago.

Therefore getting into an Annual Maintenance Contract is essential for websites and ecommerce stores. They represent you, and are a face of your business. AMC keeps your site up-to-date with evolving technology, thereby working efficiently. No pages that your client reaches will ever show error 404. Or have broken links, or any other glitch that is can mar his experience of exploring your site.

When we upgrade software and programs on your site when technology evolves, it protects the site or e-Store against Trojan and malware which tend to attack platforms that use outdated programs, software etc.

Our AMCs include content management, meaning we add new content at regular intervals to improve your site’s search engine ranking, driving more customers your way. Updating information keeps your store or site sounding new, giving visitors a reason to return. Maintenance is also considered important because it creates a back-up to protect information on your site in the eventuality of technology malfunction.

To know more about our Annual Maintenance Contract you may send us a mail or talk to us +91 - 731 - 302601

All website owners should note that getting into an Annual Maintenance Contract is far more cost-effective than hiring people on a full time basis for its upkeep. We offer various types of contracts. Clients can opt for the one that suits their requirement.

We will we provide you

  • Maintenance and replacement of the website and web pages old content with the new content.
  • Text re-writes and improvements.
  • Complete knowledge of latest trends and techniques.
  • Add or modify contents, photos, graphics and charts.
  • Addition or modification of links within the website.
  • Server Backup.
  • Technical Support (Email / Phone)